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Published on 3 November 2022 at 04:31


@ The Tide Mill



Friday 28th October 2022

Physical Trance Medium PsychicGavin welcomed some lovely guests to The Tide Mill, Woodbridge in Surrey, on Friday night for The Mills first ever Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunt and what a surprise we had in store for us!!!

The Mill was very active from the get-go, which was very surprising being that it had never been investigated before and that the premises were not normally open at the time we were there.

We picked up on spirits from over a 1200year period of time, ranging from Friars, Mill Keepers, Workers and Children. There were accidents in the mill with some getting caught in Cogs and also one Mill Keeper being thrown from the upstairs window for inappropriate behavior with a worker's wife, and this has been captured in photographic evidence which can be seen below.

All in all a lot of evidence was captured.

A Few Photos where Evidence of Spirit was Captured

Other Photos of the Evening

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