The Aura & Aura Healing Online Workshop 6th May


PsychicGavin's Aura & Aura Healing Workshop 6th May

This Workshop runs on Saturday 19th April @ 10.30am - 3.30pm via Zoom

Aura healing is a form of energy healing that can be used when someone is feeling ill or stressed, or simply to ensure well-being.

Auras are a reflection of your mood and intent. They are energy fields that emanate from your body and offer information about your current state, mood and way of being.

Auras can change quickly depending on your current situation. They are affected not only by your state of mind but by people around you. For example, you may feel weakened by the effect of go-getting workmates and changed by being in the company of a loved one.

Depending on your circumstances, your aura can be changed quite quickly. Therefore, it can also be adjusted easily and quickly.

Please note chakras and auras are related so by healing both, you more fully address issues with a person’s personal energy so it would also be worth looking at my Chakra Healing Workshop.

The information in this workshop provides you with the information you need to conduct healing on the aura, either for yourself or another person. It is unlikely you will want to use all the techniques described, but you may wish to experiment to decide which suits you best.

The workshop introduces the aura and describes ways in which you can view it and how it’s made up. It also discusses the colours of the aura in detail. We will then focus on what can go wrong with the aura and how it can manifest. It additionally discusses straightforward ways of dealing with these issues, before discussing methods of healing the aura in more detail. The workshop finishes by discusing issues related to conducting healing sessions of the aura.