Emmanuel - Connection with the Ascended Masters (Sundays Weekly Zoom) 7pm Sun 22nd Oct


Reap spiritual love, abundance & healing as they enter your life during PsychicGavin's weekly Spiritual Connection with the Ascended Masters

Emmanuel - Connection with the Ascended Masters (Sundays Weekly Zoom) https://youtu.be/dcUUn5ZQ2kU

Join us every Sunday for an enlightening online event where this week we will explore the profound teachings of Moses during the connection with the Ascended Masters. Through the power of Zoom, you can participate in this transformative experience from the comfort of your own home.

Join PsychicGavin for his weekly Sunday Zoom "Spiritual Connection with the Ascended Masters" (Dates for which Ascended Masters below).

Starting on Sun Oct 22 2023 19:00:00 GMT+0100 (British Summer Time), this weekly gathering will delve into the wisdom and guidance imparted by Moses one of the Ascended Masters. Through discussions, meditations, and interactive sessions, we will uncover ancient truths, receive spiritual insights, and deepen our connection with these enlightened beings.

Whether you are new to the teachings of the Ascended Masters or have been on a spiritual journey for years, this event offers a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and tap into the wisdom of the Ascended Masters. Have faith in the Ascended Masters as they insure you reap spiritual, love, abundance and healing as they enter your life in many unexpected ways.

Don't miss out on this incredible online event! Mark your calendars and join us every Sunday for an enriching experience that will uplift your spirit and enhance your spiritual growth. PsychicGavin Channels a different Ascended Master each Sunday, please see the Agenda for more service details or watch the videos.

Dates of Ascended Masters

24/9/23 Ganesh 1/10/23 Moses 8/10/23 St Christopher 15/10/23 Bernadette 22/10/23 Emmanuel 29/10/23 Muriel 5/11/23 Ohrmazd 12/11/23 Shekinah - 19/11/23 Mary Magdalene 26/11/23 Hilarion 3/12/23 Shiva 10/12/23 Alexis 17/12/23 Barakiel 24/12/23 Mother Mary 31/12/23 Amethyst

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PsychicGavin is a Physical & Trance Medium and Events Medium in both the Paranormal and for Mediumship Demonstrations, he has clients worldwide. He is also a Meditation Teacher and can provide Past Life Regression. He is a Spirit Artist, Exorcist, Reiki Master, Seichem Master, Shamanic & Spiritual Healer and can provide Psychic Surgery, Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval also Reiki Master for Animals.

He has extensive qualifications and is qualified in Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Dowsing, Numerology, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Animal Spirit Totems, Dragons & Dragon Energy, Unicorns & Unicorn Energy, Moonology, Scrying, Channelling, Psychic & Mediumship Development, Meditation Teaching, Capturing & Analysing Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Demonology, Hoodoo (providing Exorcisms/Clearances & Curse/Spell Breaking), Improving Memory and Mentalism.

A little bit from Gavin “Apart from my obvious passion for working with spirit, I am also passionate about working with and helping people, whether that be passing well needed messages from loved ones, assisting others to sense and feel spirit to aiding others developing themselves, I believe developing never ends when on a spiritual path and enjoy learning which also bridges the gap to spirit more and more, I also really enjoy discussions and helping other sensitives, psychics and mediums to expand their own abilities, I am very approachable and always contactable replying to every point of contact myself.”