PsychicGavin's Online Wed Development Circle & Tue Practice Circle (paid monthly)


PsychicGavin's Online Monthly Development & Practice Circles run weekly, the Practice Circle is on Tuesday Evenings @7-8pm and Development Circle is on Wednesday Evenings @7.30-10pm aprox.

The Practice Circle is for practice readings, the Development Circle is for gaining knowledge to help you develop or develop further and is suitable for those already on a development journey as well as for complete novices that have never done it before but wish to begin developing.

The £35 cost is for 1 months entry to both the Tuesday & Wednesday Circle, as well as access to PsychicGavin's Facebook Development Group Page & a Messenger Chat with those in the Development Circle together with access to a second Facebook Group for you to be able to give practice readings in your own time among a trusted and personally vetted community of sitters to aid you on your journey.