PsychicGavin Qualify in Animal Reiki


Aimed at those who hold Reiki 1 however if you do not please just contact me first, this course begins with a recap of the Reiki Principles and a reminder of how you can use them to transform yourself to become a perfect channel for spiritual energy. This animal Reiki course explores the Reiki basis of energy healing from the Animals Perspective and the benefits it can give them. But there are practical considerations to make when working with Animals, which will be taught as part of this course. Including legal aspects and awareness of the physical needs and requirements of animals, including an explanation of their Freedoms.

To provide the most effective healing to animals, it is obviously essential that you understand their energy systems, which from this course you will learn about their spiritual energy, chakras and meridian channels, and explore the energy that we ourselves share with animals.

You will learn about Reiki Symbols and how they are used to aid healing. You will be guided on how to carry out animal healing sessions from start to finish. It will discuss distance healing and energy sharing between people and animals.

When Reiki is present, a practitioner may experience a spiritual bond between themselves and the animals they heal. The course explores this relationship and how Reiki can be used to communicate, heal, and forge spiritual awareness. You will discover how you should approach animals differently, depending on their species and individual circumstances, and how each would benefit from receiving Reiki healing.

This Course is Certificated