PsychicGavin's Sitting With Spirit Circle Every Tuesday 6.30-7.30pm


PsychicGavin Physical & Trance Medium's Weekly Sitting With Spirit Circle runs every Tuesday Evening at 6.30pm to 7.30pm Online via Zoom (Links will be provided), you will be with like minded people all at various levels of Development, so no matter your ability there will be others like you, so no need to feel uncomfortable if this is new to you. 


The session starts with being Guided for Sitting in your Power and once this has been built up moves on to Sitting with Spirit, this can be for a variety conections and is totally up to you.


It could be used for Healing, Connecting to your Departed Loved Ones, or more commonly Spiritual or Mediumship Development where it helps in Building your Power, bringing Stability to your Connections, increasing your Spiritual Stamina and Duration of holding Spirit close as well as really creating an ease of stepping in and out of the Alternate Mind States and in and out of Spirit Connections. These benefits obviously lead to more Clarity in Spirit Communication and Guidance.


Included in the price of this Sitting with Spirit Circle is entry to my Practice Reading Circle which starts directly after this finishes, for those that wish to join.


£12 is the price is for one months entry to both Circles so is just £2.77per week.