Healing your Life with Crystals Workshop Sat 21st Jan 10.30-3.30


Healing your Life with Crystals Workshop Sat 21st Jan 10.30-3.30

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to heal your life with crystals. Crystal energies can assist you in greater healing, growth, and in expanding levels of consciousness.

We will start with a brief introduction to crystals, then set you on a path to focus you on your innate powers and bringing forward the magical strength within you.

You will be introduced to working with crystals which can help you heal from addictions, abuse, anger, anxiety, grief and all forms of negativity. You will be taught how to use crystals to enhance positive energies, manifest prosperity and abundance, attract love, relationships, and even aid physical health.

We will cover healing with crystal tonics and elixirs, how to perform energy healing with crystals, how to use crystal grids, and learn the benefits of particular crystals for healing various ailments.

Are you ready to align yourself with crystals and their energy to release blocks and to manifest your dreams in methods combining your imagination, breathwork and intentions. You'll be shown ways to face your fears and how to use crystals to manifest your dreams and the life you want to live

So in this workshop, you will:

  • Be introduced to healing with crystals
  • Learn how to use crystal remedies to aid grief
  • Understand how to use crystals to increase your inner powers, increase your physical health, maximise prosperity in to your life, and attract love
  • Learn the powers of specific crystals and how to use them in crystal tonics and elixirs, as well as how to perform energy healing, and amplify compassion
  • Know how to align energies by using crystals
  • Learn how to remove blocks to your dreams