Rougham Control Tower Paranormal Investigation Fri 17th March 7pm to 3am


PsychicGavins Paranormal Investigation/Ghost Hunt @ Rougham Control Tower, Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk Fri 17th March 7pm to 3am

Come Join PsychicGavin as he investigates this Ex US and British Control Tower & Air Base with you.

Rougham Control Tower (originally known as RAF Bury St Edmunds), is a former RAF station, situated 3 miles east of the Suffolk market town of Bury St Edmunds.  The airfield was built between 1941 and 1942, and had three intersecting concrete runways.  The main runway was approximately 2000 yards long, and run in an East to West direction.

In September 1942 it was used to house over 3,000 United States military servicemen who joined us in our fight to overcome the Nazis in World War 2.

The first to arrive were the 47th bombardment group, followed by 332nd bombardment group, and then in June 1943 the 94th bombardment group.  It became a very busy area.

During World War 2 more than 1,800 airmen from 94th squadron were either missing, injured, captured or killed.

On the 17th May 1943, a group of 11 aircraft were sent on an operation from which none of the aircraft penetrating the enemy coast, returned. 60 crewmen were lost to flak and interceptors and on the 29th May 1943, a B-26 crashed onto the airfield killing the crew and damaging a hangar. 

This is understandably why Rougham Control Tower and its adjacent Hangers/Nissan Huts are haunted.

Paranormal activity witnessed around the tower has consisted of manifestations of spirits, strange smells and lights, footsteps, voices, creaking floorboards and the sounds of planes overhead.

We will be investigating the whole of the Control Tower and the Nissen Huts in search of spirit.


Rougham Control Tower

Rougham Tower Avenue

Bury St Edmunds


IP30 9XA


The Paranormal Investigation includes;
• Introduction – The history and hauntings
• Mediumship walkround with PsychicGavin – who haunts tonight?
• Use of Paranormal Equipment
• Psychic experiments including seances, table tipping and more
• Ghost hunting vigils in the dark in the Control Centre & the Nissan Huts
• Hot & Cold drinks
• Your chance to ghost hunt in a haunted location for 8 hours throughout the night until 3am if you can last!



PsychicGavin is a Physical & Trance Medium and Events Medium in both the Paranormal and for Mediumship Demonstrations, he has clients worldwide.

He is also a Meditation Teacher and can provide Past Life Regression via Hypnosis. He is a Spirit Artist, Exorcist, Reiki Master, Shamanic & Spiritual Healer and can provide Psychic Surgery, Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval also is also a Reiki Master for Animals.

He has extensive qualifications and is qualified in Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Dowsing, Hypnosis, Numerology, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Animal Spirit Totems, Dragons & Dragon Energy, Unicorns & Unicorn Energy, Moonology, Scrying, Channelling, Psychic & Mediumship Development, Meditation Teaching, Capturing & Analysing Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Demonology, Hoodoo (providing Exorcisms/Clearances & Curse/Spell Breaking), Improving Memory and Mentalism.

Psychic Gavin has been fortunate to work in all areas of Spirituality, Mediumship and the Paranormal and has been in front of many a camera capturing his abilities. His aim is to Educate and Inform those that have an interest on how to deal with life's connecting energies; whether this is through one-on-one discussions or readings, clearances, on-stage performances or just simply walking with you on one his Paranormal Events.

Some of PsychicGavin’s work in the area of clearances and exorcisms has been deliberately hidden from public view; both for those wishing his work to remain silent and indeed for your own sanity, this is because it is often impossible for people to come to terms with the realities of what really happens at the extreme parameters of his work.

A little bit from Gavin “Apart from my obvious passion for working with spirit, I am also passionate about working with and helping people, whether that be passing well needed messages from loved ones, assisting others to sense and feel spirit to aiding others developing themselves, I believe developing never ends when on a spiritual path and enjoy learning which also bridges the gap to spirit more and more, I also really enjoy discussions and helping other sensitives, psychics and mediums to expand their own abilities, I am very approachable and always contactable replying to every point of contact myself.”

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