Pendle Witches Paranormal Investigation Weekend 2nd-4th June


Pendle Witches Paranormal Investigation Weekend 2nd-4th June, for £170. Who's Brave enough to be joining us, spaces are limited!!!

As well as visiting Pendle Hill and the Witches Cottage in the day and night we will also be visit the Pendle Musuem and the location of the hangings at Gallows Hill, located in Williamson Park, in addition to Lancaster Castle on our Pendle Hil Witches tour, where we’ll learn more about the witch trials from the place where they were imprisoned and sentenced to death. The best location to visit Pendle Hill is in the village of Barley where we will make our way up the steep step walkway off Barley Lane, and this coincidentally is where the Pendle Inn is which we will be staying at in their cottages. All of which is included in the price.

Pendle Hill you see has a notorious reputation for being where twelve accused witches lived in the 17th century. These twelve supposed witches were accused of murdering ten people. They figured prominently in what is known as the Lancashire witch trials. Pendle Hill is notorious for its history in witchcraft and worshipping the devil. We will be tracing the witches from their arrest to their execution. The Pendle Hill witches haunt the buildings and villages still with many reports of being strangled by unseen hands as well as visitors reporting feeling angry when visiting the grounds. Local people even fear discussing the events of the witch trial still. Local people fear visiting the hill at night due to the strange goings-on and the sightings of shadowy figures darting around the hill.

In addition to the stories of the witches, there are believed to be several other spirits that haunt this barren hillside. Investigators have often reported contacting children, and the ghosts of those who have sadly committed suicide in the area.


Pendle Hill is also called Penhul. Aside from the witch trials, Pendle Hill is also famous for George Fox’s visitation, the Quaker Movement leader, in 1652 and the barometer experiments of Richard Towneley in 1661. A Bronze Age burial site has been discovered at the hill’s summit.

The story of the Pendle witches is an excellent example of a well-documented allegation of witchcraft. The hill continues to be associated with witchcraft.

In the year 1612, there was said to be a family of local peasants who lived in a vast limestone tower. However, the family was no ordinary family. These peasants had enormous powers, and they were reported to be in league with the devil. According to reports, the family made clay effigies made of teeth and human hair.

Local people died of various mysterious illnesses at that time. Others were said to have died in great pain. The milk in the area turned sour, and cattle died mysteriously too. People were afraid to go up the hill. A local magistrate, Roger Norwell, dared to arrest two people living in the tower. They were brought to Lancaster for trial, and two days later, the rest of the “witches” were arrested and taken to Lancaster for trial.

One of the twelve accused Lancashire witches died during the trials. Ten were found guilty and executed by hanging, and only one was found not guilty. The history of the witch trials has given the place an eerie atmosphere and several terrifying reports.

On August 20th 1612, all ten accused witches were hung at Gallows Hill, where the ‘Hanging Court’ of Lancaster had hung thousands of condemned people before.

The Pendle Inn (Barley Lane, Barley, Burnley, Lancs, BB12 9JX) is a well established country watering hole set in The Forest of Bowland, only 5 miles from Burnley and Clitheroe, in the village of Barley. The Pendle Inn is at the heart of the village and has a selection of real ales and food to suit every appetite. We will stay ib their cottages right next door (see photos)which is the perfect base for exploring all the Pendle Witches Stories. Plus we’re right next door to one of the best pubs in the area, serving great food and award winning ale!

This is possible to be paid over 3 months please enquire.