PsychicGavin is a Physical & Trance Medium and Events Medium in both the Paranormal and for Mediumship Demonstrations, he has clients worldwide and offers 121 Private Readings & Group Readings via VideoCall so to cater for anyone and everyone no matter where they are located. With the large following of clients around the world Gavin does do many Online Lives Demonstrating the skills Spirit have given to him as a Psychic, Physical Trance Medium and as a Spirit Channel.

He is a Mentor for those on their own Spiritual Development journey, teaching techniques  to awaken or increase their Spiritual and Psychic Abilities, he also aids others with their Trance Development. He is a Meditation Teacher and can provide Past Life Regressions. He is a Spirit Artist, Exorcist, Reiki Master, Shamanic & Spiritual Healer and can provide Psychic Surgery, Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval. He is a Demonologist, Exorcist & Hoodoo practitioner and is often called on for Exorcisms/Clearances and Curse/Spell Breaking, all of which can be done remotely.


He has extensive qualifications, he is qualified as a Reiki Master (for both People & Animals), in addition to Shamanic Energy Healing. He is qualified in Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Dowsing, Numerology, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Animal Spirit Totems, Dragons & Dragon Energy, Unicorns & Unicorn Energy, Moonology, Scrying, Channelling, both Psychic & Mediumship Development, Meditation Teaching, Capturing & Analysing Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Demonology, Hoodoo, Improving Memory and Mentalism.


PsychicGavin can provide various Readings with some available via Messenger or Email, here is a list of some of his available Readings but although this list is extensive it is not exhaustive:-

Spirit Communication Messages 

Spirit Portraits (Loved one's and Spirit Guides)

Spirit Guidance Readings 

Development Readings

Trance Readings

Trance Demonstrations 

Channeling Readings (Ascended Masters and Higher Energies)

Angel Guidance Readings

Dream Interpretations

Shamanic Readings

Moonology Readings

Love and Romance Readings 

Month Ahead Readings

Past, Present and Future Reading's 

Ask any Question Reading

Spirit Animal Guides Guidance

Starseed Readings 

Dragon Readinge

Unicorn Readings

Energy Readings

Chakra Balance Readings

Past Life Regresion Reading 

Soul Mate Twin Flame 

Scrying Readings

Ask a question get an answer

Psychic reading (strengths, life now, path to happiness, obstacles, guidance)

Month ahead Reading

Year ahead Reading

PsychicGavin is very approachable and flexible, so will tend to bend over backwards to give you what you'd like. Therfore if your preferred Reading isn't listed, message him with your request or requirements and see what he can do for you.