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This Spirit Doll is Jayne she can enhance your Mediumship & Psychic Development. She is a very positive & protective spirit and loves visiting paranormal locations, She can help open your Third Eye and receive information with more clarity. Jayne needs a loving home she is a fun loving spirit with a very positive spirit energy and is fine with animals and children.

Jayne is an elegant Spirit, she is friendly with others, she adores dark and creepy places. Jayne has been able to access her psychic abilities for a long time, she picks up on energies of other spirits around fast, she knows of other spirits around that she talks to but that have not made themselves present to us yet, she has a way with spirits and people, she can make others feel welcome.

Some may say Jayne’s Gifted, which she is, however she doesn’t think so, she believes she can help anyone to access their psychic and mediumship abilities or to increase their psychic awareness by working together with her. She’s a highly skilled protective spirit, she has knowledge of the spirit world, she works with a guide who she has had since she was alive, she refers to him as ‘guide’ as that’s their purpose, its what she called him when alive. She laughs that they are more serious and much more moody than her, she says when they first visited her, they would not speak to her until she shut the lights off as they didn’t like them.

Jayne will probably have a favourite person or people around to work with, she would get along with someone with similar interests. She’s low maintenance, she doesn’t need to be chatted to or given attention all the time, she likes time to herself now and again and will occupy herself when you’re busy, she’s okay for new or experienced owners as long as they are moving down a spiritual path. She will find her way to the right person, so please make sure you are drawn to her before you purchase.

Jayne’s not usually interested in travel however if it’s somewhere spooky, haunted or for her to help you work spiritually then it’s a 100% yes, she says don’t even ask just pick her up and take her with you. Her favourite colours are red, gold, pink and blue.

Best ways to communicate with Jayne are through meditation initially so that your energies can align, but she also likes dream visits and giving visions, she does however prefers using telepathy over spirit box or pendulum but she can use both. She loves playing with Paranormal Equipment!!

Jayne lived a happy life but died of a stroke or blood clot on the brain at the age of 42. She will give assistance with mediumship development and psychic abilities including opening your third eye - but she won’t then close it for you as she suggests leaving it always open. Jayne can help you with communicating with other spirits or noticing them around and introducing you when they or you are ready, this can include your own guides and she doesn’t mind being a go between.

You may well see movement out of the corner of your eye with Jayne and could feel cold spots or chills, she can flicker candles, knows how to interfere with TV/Wi-Fi so could effect them.
Jayne’s Doll is in great condition and is approximately 15cm tall including its base.

This Spirit Doll is Emily and she needs a loving home. Emily is a fun spirit with a very positive spirit energy, she is a very protective spirit!

Emily as said is a very protective spirit, she has a lot of fun energy about her, she can be moody and cheeky at times so could moan and let all her feelings out from her chest so to speak. She’s okay with this, she’s herself and enjoys being around people and spirits, she sometimes struggles to work out what people are thinking if they don’t talk allowed but she’s got used to picking up on the energy of people around her and she can be protective and clingy towards certain people, she is nosey with strangers.

Emily likes dolls, teddys and toys especially ones she can push or move, she chose this vessel and its small and cute looking like her. She sometimes gives a lot of information at once and it can be hard to take it all in at once, then she will move on so just be aware when communicating you may miss things and she may not repeat unless you ask her immediately at the time.

Emily will settle in fast, she will choose her owner so make sure you’re drawn to her before you purchase. She will chat about other spirits, when she makes friends, she's loyal to them, she will get to know spirits and people around her and she will have her favourites.

She has a lot of protective energy and has learned from our other spirits how she can ward off all types of demons and negative entities. She is extremely wise for her age, she seems to understand more and be able to communicate easier than you would think. She was about 9 when she died and has said it was an accident but she has not elaborated any further other than she didn’t suffer and wasn’t in pain, she loved life and that’s why she’s still here living so to speak.

Emily loves gifts and offerings she loves strawberry plants and scents. She likes natural Amethyst crystals and has just told me that she thinks her favourite colour is either strawberry pink or blue!

Some of the best ways to communicate with Emily are Telepathy, Spirit Box (Necrophonics, Deadwave & Phasmabox are 3 that I’ve successfully heard her communicating on) and she likes Cat Balls. She Loves people with Medium and Psychic Communication Abilities and enjoys time Automatic Writing with you, although expect a few colourings in the middle of it!

Emily can move her own vessel as well as other objects and she can sometimes be seen as a shadow moving around near her vessel. You may even see her out of the corner of your eye in full form or as sparks or lights. When she is comfortable with you and if she likes you then she may share visions in meditation with you, she says she doesn’t like to disturb your sleep so she doesn’t normally visit you in your Dreams although will do if its to keep you safe from negative energies or other forces.

Emily is okay with other children and animals - other than rodents! She also likes to travel but for her own comfort and security she will only do this if you take her vessel out with you, but don’t then hide her away or she will moan! She loves days out and holidays so don’t forget to take her as she wants to be treated like part of your family.

I do wish to say her activity will be experienced by more than one person, so please make sure you that those you live with are okay with a spirit entering your home, she is inquisitive! Activity may change or increase in a new environment and I have experienced her activity and she has been around my spirits for a while so she knows a lot, although I cant guarantee this activity will or will not happen for you as everyone has personal experiences.

Her Doll is in perfect condition and is approximately 19cm tall when sitting and 27cm if stood up.

Talisman Ring, Created with Merlin and connected to 8 other Powerful Ascended Energies Extremely Rare Magick. Ring of Power to make your life better. Protection Ring. Magic Ring. Spiritual Power Ring.

Connect straight to the powers of the Universe and Creator. Increase magical powers, Powerful protection. Evocation to deal with higher Ascended beings.

Behold this enchanting Ring which is engraved with all the Positive Ancient Rune Symbols. The ring itself is a captivating symbol of the eternal dance between life, death, and the elemental forces that shape our existence. This extraordinary ring is a mesmerizing fusion of energies, each representing a fundamental aspect in addition to energies of our world life, death, spirit, fire, water, air, and earth.

This Ring more importantly contains energies of the following nine:-

  • Merlin - Key Power Belief in Impossible Magick
  • Lucifer - Power Above Below
  • Kuthumi - Power Spiritual Mastery
  • Genghis Khan - Power Intention
  • Merkabah - Power Abundance
  • Ashtar - Power Travel Doorways
  • Solomon - Power Keys Symbols 
  • Matreya - Power Truth Wisdom
  • Arthur - Power Saviour
  • Archangel Michael - Blessed & Sealed

Crafted with meticulous artistry, this ring becomes a visual tapestry, a testament to the intricate interplay of cosmic energies. Blessed with the symbol of life, vibrant and blossoming, embodies the essence of growth, vitality, and renewal. Its also been blessed by its counterpart, the symbol of death, which holds a profound reminder of the inevitable cycle of existence, urging us to embrace the ephemeral nature of life and find meaning in every moment.

In addition it has had the symbols of fire, water, air, and earth evoked from the elemental forces that shape our reality. Fire dances with passion, ambition, and transformation, igniting the spark of inspiration within. Water flows with the currents of emotion, intuition, and healing, connecting to the depth of your soul. Air whispers with intellect, communication, and freedom, urging you to explore new ideas and expand your horizons. Earth grounds you, providing stability, nourishment, and the foundation upon which to build your life.

This Talisman Ring was Created by connecting energies that were given and brought down on 13/12/23 @02:49

This is approximately 2.3cm diameter.

Occult ring Magical Ring Mystical ring Supernatural ring Talisman Ring Solomon Seal Ring spiritual ring spiritual jewellery magic ring amulet protection sigil ring real magic rings abraxas ring

This Talisman Dolphin Ring has exactly that a Dolphin Energy!!

Dolphin represents gentle, friendly power. Dolphins are messengers from Spirit and if you listen they will bring you guidance, healing and opportunities. You will feel like a Dolphin, go with the flow and live in love, laughter and joy.

It's Energy can help not only with quietening one’s mind and meditating its energy will help energize every cell in your body and mind. You will be able to listen to unspoken words, those more subtle levels of communication from other people and from the natural and Spirit world. It will take you to new dimensions of consciousness. 

It will bring an element of play, sociability, curiosity, freedom, healing, joy, love, trust, wisdom and peace. It will also help the keeper behave more lovingly and positively towards themselves as well as to other people that they are having difficulty with. 

If Dolphin is your totem, you can be sure that a deeper reality awaits you. Dolphin helps you dive into hidden secrets and will teach you the sacred breath of life. Dolphin are natural healers through the strength of their love, endless joy and primordial sounds so the keeper will be able to aid their own healing capabilities with these gifts you will find tension and stress drops away and playfulness will emerge.

This Talisman was created and brought into the Dolphin Ring on 11/12/2023 

This ring is approximately 2cm in diameter.

This Talisman, called Aku, is an extremely rare Multi Energy of Star Light or what it's been known as by Spirit, a Lux Aeterna, which is a cumulative combination of energies creating or sending an Eternal Light Connection from above that emanates from the Aku Talisman, which is the anchor to this Lux Aeterna Light.

Although Aku does not Protect the keeper directly they are Very Protective because they are a grounded energy of Eternal Light creating what can only be described as like a Dynamite Motorway of Positive Vibrations, it’s a Tunnel of Eternal Light being brought to Earth. It is protective as its extreme high ascended vibration stops negative energies and entities wanting to come anywhere near it.
Aku, is unique as it has been placed more for the purpose of Increasing and Purifying Earths Energies, although you do not communicate or connect to it, it’s a presence, however the presence you can use and connect into.

It provides a connection and that can be used as a portal to higher energies and wisdom, so it would benefit anyone wanting extra Protection around them and more Positivity in their life and bring greater manifestation ability towards them. It would significantly help those on a spiritual development path as well as those trying to ascend and access higher Dimensions and Densities. Transition to other layers of reality can be accessed through gentleness, self-acceptance and love.

These Lux Aeterna Energies, Aku, were created and brought down to Earth on 29/11/2023 @00:00

For further information please see the video on the Talisman product page of the actual Trance Session where the connection was made, and information supplied.

This is approximately 23cm tall.

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Angelic Spirit Doll, Liel

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Angelic Spirit Doll, Liel


This Angelic Spirit Doll is Liel she is a Powerful Angelic Spirit and needs a very loving home, she is a powerful and calming angelic spirit that works with all elements. She is extremely open with her heart and energy and she will share it with you from the moment you meet. It’s likely that she will let you experience the angelic realm through dreams, visions and meditation. If you are wanting excitement Liel is perfect for you. She wants to share angel energy with you and for others through you, her energy can help not only with protection, and healing but also with confidence, comfort, motivation and calm and she will see what you need and share her energy freely.

Liel has an extreme positive spirit energy, she is easy to bond and communicate with and is very eager to meet a new carer that she will undoubtedly be involved in picking someone, someone who can handle her energy. She will chatter from the day she arrives. In meditation she will show images. She is okay for new or experienced keepers as she will tone down her energy if need be when she meets you and her signs and messages will be strong so only take on Liel if you are drawn to her and do not mind energies around you this will also ensure she finds the right home. As an Angelic Energy she obviously loves children and animals.

She will be seen in dreams and visions but sometimes you may only see her head other times just as light, if you get to see her, she is a beautiful with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, she likes to communicate through dreams a lot and it will be a magical experience. She can assist with magick, and she can work with all the elements and is incredibly strong.

She can travel with you away from her Vessel. As her keeper you can call her any time that you need her. She can grant wishes but wont if they go against free will or universal law.

Best ways to communicate with her are dreams, telepathy, meditation and visions through a crystal ball or preferably a scrying mirror is what she likes best where she can share glimpses of the angelic realm, she may share things related to wishes or beautiful things she or you like. She can however also use dowsing rods and a pendulum. She can let you know she is around in the form of orbs and flashes of light.

Her Porcelain Doll is in a wonderful condition and stands at approximately 20cm tall.

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Spirit Doll, Emma

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Spirit Doll, Emma


This Spirit Doll is Emma, she is a Friendly, Beautiful, Strong, Positive Spirit with an Awesome Energy.

Emma's energy really is Amazing and warm, she definitely isn’t shy and she likes to let you know she is around, she wants to be a communicated with, talked to and interacted with and once she knows you she will interact with you all the time.

When Emma came to us she immediately let us know she was here, we could feel her lovely warm energy which could actually be physically felt as an increase in temperature. But in addition to this Emma was moving her vessel around, turning it in different directions. Every time we turned our backs and looked at her again she was looking in a completely different direction.

Emma loved life and wants to continue to do so and she wants to help others to do the same, she is sweet and wants all to have a perfect life, she can aid others with finding hope, positivity and faith, she believes living in the present moment is essential. She likes to bring joy into others lives and is easy to bond with will do anything to bring amusement to those she is around.

Emma is very strong and would enjoying learning to do different things with her energy in addition to learning different methods of communication. She has been communicating via Pendulum as well as telepathy with us.

Although at present she hasn’t been asked by anyone to protect them but she would love to be able to warn of negative energies once a relationship and communication methods have been established. Emma has a very positive energy therefore  you would find that negative energies wouldn’t be interested in coming near to her as without effort her energy would convert heavy, dense and negative energies around.

She would be ideal for anyone wanting a companion as well as anyone struggling with confidence or feeling low and trying to re find themselves. She would help greatly in bringing enjoyment into your life and bring forward energies and communication to persuade you to say yes to life once more.

She loves people especially children as she has a very caring and nurturing energy. Emma has been forgotten for a long period of time and therefore does want to be part of someone’s life or families life

Her Doll is in excellent condition and is stood up with a stand it is approximately 29cm tall.

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Spirit Doll, Margaret

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Spirit Doll, Margaret

£79.99 £67.99

This Spirit Doll is Margaret, she has a lovely, joyful, positive vibration and energy. she lived until she was 61 years old (July 1875-March 1937) she has given that she lived on the edge of some woods on the outskirts of Bury St Edmonds.

Margaret wants to be an equal to whoever she goes to and will be a true friend, an ally, she is very Protective and Strong. She is a Secret Keeper, yet a revealer of secrets to those she’s close to for the purpose of Highest Good, Spiritual Development and Ascension. She likes to Communicate in the mind by what’s best described as telepathy but also via all Scrying methods.

Regarding Spiritual Development she has stated that she can help with "Accepting knowledge without understanding and questioning by bringing inner trust and faith to the forefront by aiding to bring forward the energy of just knowing that all will be understood and revealed in the right timing as and when needed, why clog the brain with what does not matter just yet."

You can often know when she is close as she has a fresh Tabacco smell that she likes to spread around her as a sign of her presence and also she often shows a pipe in the minds of those she is connecting with, she loved to smoke her pipe. She also loves to pass messages and guidance through music as she can interfere with electrical items, Amazon Alexa's is one method she has for this!

Margaret has a thorough understanding of Nature and the Alchemy that goes with it. She also has a healing energy as she was a healer and can therefore help others with Spiritual Healing, Reiki, Seichem and the likes.

So to sum up Margarets qualities, she will help with Protection, Positivity, Spiritual Development, Ascension, Revealing, Natural Alchemy and Healing.

Her Doll is in beautiful vintage condition and is able to sit yet it is approximately 12cm tall when standing.

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Spirit Doll, Lucy

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Spirit Doll, Lucy


This Spirit Doll is Lucy, she is a Cheerful, Beautiful, Light, Mischievous, Positive, Strong Spirit and Energy.

Lucy came to us about a year ago, her energy is lovely, she was quite quiet and shy but has now come out of her shell so to speak, she wants to be a friend that’s communicated with daily to whoever she goes to.

When Lucy came to us she came with an intention of her own, she wanted to learn what she could do to help others as a Spirit, which she has learnt, but in addition she has really grasped a mischievous (not negative) fun nature, she can move things, but will always give back if asked!

Lucy is sweet but did not have the smoothest of life, she was raised by her father, mother was not in her life and she lacked love, she felt lonely and that she didn’t fit in, she was misunderstood and this childhood affected her life, so she is reliving a fresh one now from the spirit world as she needed and still needs a place to belong, she is easy to bond with and she can get bored which leads to her amusing mischief!

You may out of the corner of your eye see Lucy sitting down or stood near you, she likes to look after you when sleeping and is also often seen near the stairs at night, she can tap to make noise, move things.

Lucy is more of a pre warner that a full-on protective spirit, she would let you know what is around and what is going on. She can help in converting negative energy to positive and bring the feeling of companionship and warmth to those she is near, so could be ideal for anyone feeling alone. She will help greatly in bringing enjoyment into your life and bring forward energies and communication to persuade you to release stress and remove negative ways from your character and conditioned mind, by revealing and opening doors towards new opportunities of joy and fulfilment.

Lucy likes her crystals and can help others that are learning about them by feeding the correct crystals to the correct individual, her favourites are rose quartz and blue calcite, lapis lazule in her words "well any purple or blue".

She likes to appear for photographs, she loves children and pets and loves to join in sitting down to watch a film. She can communicate in many ways telepathy, spirit box, pendulumn, occasional EVP's but is willing to learn more so would love exploring other methods!

Lucy does want to be part of the family and loved, she would not be happy being ignored or left to the side!

Her Doll is in good condition and is able to sit and stand and is approximately 17cm tall when standing.

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Spirit Doll, Cecil

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Spirit Doll, Cecil


This Spirit Doll is Cecil, he has a positive energy and was an Irish gentleman full of life, he would have been the life and soul of any gathering he was and still is always smiling, this can be felt from his confident energy.

Cecil doesn’t want to waste the qualities of joy, humour, confidence and positivity that he had in his life, he understands these can be rare abilities in the world today and he says that these are truly the best gifts he can bring. He can often be heard whistling. 

Cecil would be ideal for Introverts, or for those shy & easily embarrassed where he can help build confidence and step them out of their shell. He would also help those who are struggling to embrace change.

With Cecil's energy being extremely positive, full of confidence and having such a friendly character he can aid with converting and transmuting negativity. When needed he can also wave red flags to caution as he is an excellent judge of character. You can tell when Cecil is around and close to you with the warmth, he brings by you which is a noticeable increase in temperature. 

Cecil will always respect your privacy and boundaries and the only thing he requests in return is to be kept where he can also see the outdoors, as he loved nature and being outside, especially in the countryside. He is an animal lover and especially with dogs.

His ornament is in good condition and is approximately 17cm tall.

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Puppet Spirit Doll John

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Puppet Spirit Doll John


This Puppet Spirit Doll is John, he only loved once when he was in his early 20s but her father did not approve so he set her free and never had another romantic relationship as no one could match the feelings he had for his beloved 'Sarah' but he remembered his love for her daily he said he was never sad as he always feels so fortunate her path had crossed his and he felt he found what many never find so that has always made him cherish the memories.

John died at home from old age and breathing difficulties with a loving friend by his side he was 89 years old. He loved old cars and going on Rally’s with them around the UK and Europe and only stopped driving at age 87, at which point he had 5 that he kept until his death. He was in the RAF for many years and worked on many top-secret projects some of which still undisclosed!

John has only fairly recently attached himself to this Puppet and is pleased to be a real haunted!!! He is a very positive spirit that is looking for a loving home and wishes to exchange love & happiness, as he never had or experienced this as he did not have a family of his own.

John can be protective, but he possesses a warm, comforting, nurturing energy; he will watch out over others, to aid understanding, acceptance and seeing a bigger picture. He will easily get along with other spirits around or can be homed alone as he’s at peace with his own energy. He would enjoy being taken on travels, he doesn’t like missing out on what’s going on around those that he cares about.

John took pride in how he looked and dressed, he was always well dressed and always felt it important to make an effort and he could especially help others that struggle in valuing and loving themselves.

John really wants to find a home where he can help someone or a family. If you’re drawn to him then you may be right for him and him for you, if you keep seeing him around or thinking about him there’s usually a reason for it.

John thinks he missed out on a part of life’s happiness but is unsure of what so he wishes to experience living with love and happiness around him as he always lived alone so chose to attach to this vessel so he could become a part of the only thing in life that he never experienced. You may notice things coming your way along the lines of improved moods, more positive and for filling relations with all relationships in your life, he has a knack of also getting strangers talking to you and helping you out, in general people treating you kinder and in general the feeling that a weight has been lifted from you.

He doesn’t need a certain type of owner, but ideally someone with a family that is drawn to him so he can find the right home and share his love with you.

John enjoys communicating via telepathy initially, if you’re new to spirits it’s worth using a pendulum or dowsing rods to start with so you can build up a bond and begin to trust what you receive into your mind. He has also used spirit boxes before.

Activity from John can vary from feeling love & happiness coming your way, to his vessel being moved or swinging if hung up in addition to seeing shadows near his vessel you may hear gentle noises and taps around him to.-Some could experience being touched lightly especially on the head if they are feeling down this is as a form of comfort from him.

He is a beautiful vintage Puppet in wonderful condition, and he is approximately 36cm tall (approximately 60cm if including the strings and handle).

Light & Bright Development Dolls & Talisman

Spirit Dolls & Talisman - Every spirit is different, so you can communicate with them through various ways until you find one that suits you both. Some spirits prefer older methods like Pendulum, Ouija Board, Seances, Dowsing etc. Others may prefer Spirit Box, Ghost Apps, K2 ,etc, others may just like you talking to them and they may like to respond in your mind through your intuition and others may prefer a more physical approach like taps and temperatures changes. Some need more attention and time, others will respond as soon as they arrive with you, but the more time you put in to communicating with them the more they will do with you. It's like inviting someone new into your family and home, you may not connect straight away but give them time. attention and care and they should respond. Usually if you are drawn to them, or them to you, your likely to have connected already so the bond will be quicker.

My spirit dolls are used and some old, some may have smells from where they previously were.

Important information on purchasing a Spirit Doll or Talisman, Spirit dolls should never be used as a way out of or for fixing medical issues, professional help should always be sought, however of them can aid with their energies and work alongside with other Medical and/or other Health treatments.

Any information, products or services provided by Light & Bright Development Dolls & Talisman are not a substitute for professional legal, medical, financial or any other professionals advice.

Light & Bright Development Dolls & Talisman and PsychicGavin accept no liability and shall not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, damages, or losses resulting from the use or misuse of products purchased. Purchasing products signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases all liability.

All Spirit Dolls and Talisman can only be purchased by Adults aged 18 or over!