Unexpected Meeting of King Richard III Spirit

Published on 1 October 2022 at 10:26

King Richard III a King who's body was found in Leicester in August 2012, is found again but this time his Spirit! King Richard III was in a small property close to the site of the 1485 Battle of Bosworth Field. He was found by PsychicGavin during a Clearence!

The background to Richard III death and body

So Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field by Lord Stanley who was a Traitor and switched sides to the Tudors, otherwise we would have had a different line to todays Royal Family as Richard III was close to winning! More info here

Subsequently Richard III was then laid to rest with little ceremony in the church of the Franciscan friars (the Grey Friars) in Leicester. Fifty-three years later, the friary was dissolved, the church was demolished, and the site eventually passed into private ownership so his body was lost with rumours he'd been stolen but this wasn't the case with his body being found in August 2012 where he was exhumed and re buried in Leicester Cathedral in 2015.

How Richard III Spirit came to be found

PsychicGavin received a call from a distraught family that were worried about paranormal activity and said they were haunted. They stated Andy, a Spirit was going to start a fire in their home, the lights were being turned on very brightly in the middle of the night and in addition doors were being slammed and opened, they were being physically attached and also shouted at by an unseen prescence.

PsychicGavin agreed to help straight away, which he always does for anyone with.a problem, in fact he gets rather excited with all clearences he comes across, he says it's rewarding seeing the fear and worry leave people when their surroundings have been returned to a state of normality .

So a zoom video call was set up and the clearance began PsychicGavin with help from two other trusted mediums asked to be shown round and then starting with the smaller rooms began clearing and sealing them. When left with just the two main rooms in the home to clear Paranormal Activity began in full style, doors moving on their own then lights on and off and growling being heard.

PsychicGavin began to try to get an understanding of what had been going on and why, which is always important in removing energies so to give them a choice to leave prior to being made to return to their origin. He called out Andy and got a response no Stanley, the household had miss heard. He then brought a Richard through who explained a head injury from a disloyal alley, Richard was trying to look after his Som and Daughter and had hidden them in the house. Stanley was trying to get them. He then said Lord Stanley. He explained the sight of lots of old soldiers from centuries ago, Then came out with a crown and King Richard following one of the other mediums help. The family said well the battle of Bosworth was just over the road and when looked up Lord Stanley had killed him and it appeared the fight was still going on in spirit. 

Needless to say those energies were cleared but that was definitely a clearence that wasn't expected to contain royalty!!!

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