Published on 14 October 2022 at 11:46

PsychicGavin Reiki Master Healing Demonstration 

Physical & Trance Medium PsychicGavin giving a Healing Demonstration, see the Energies moving around, Orbs galore

He is often asked is this normal, for most the answer would be No,

but for him yes, always no matter what spiritual work he is doing!!

You will see that the PsychicGavin Reiki Master starts at the head and gradually moves anti clockwise around the body. Initially following the head, you see him feeling the energy of the chakra's energy flow, Crown to Third Eye, to Throat, to Heart, to Solar Plexus, to Sacral and on to Root Chakra.

He scans the body and uses his intuition as to how long to spend on each part of the body dependent on how balanced the energy of the client is in different areas. You will notice that some symbols are entered onto the Client dont worry about these, you would be given some of them when gaining Reiki Level 2 then more at Reiki Master Level.

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