Connections with the Ascended Masters

Published on 14 October 2022 at 13:58

Physical Trance Medium PsychicGavin Brings

Connections with the Ascended Masters - Channeling Faith

Join Gavin for his weekly Sunday Zoom "Spiritual Connection with the Ascended Masters." (Dates for which Ascended Masters below) Have faith in the Ascended Masters as they insure you reap spiritual, love, abundance and healing as they enter your life in many unexpected ways.

Order of Service

6.45pm Doors Open

7.00pm Uplifting Song & Ascended Master Portrait

7.03pm Door Lock

7.05pm Introduction to Ascended Master & What they want you to know.

7.15pm Channeling Ascended Master

7.30pm Guided Meditation to connect you to Ascended Master

7.50pm Closing Thoughts, Prayer/Poem

(Approximate Running Schedule)

Dates of Ascended Masters

9/10/22 Faith

16/10/22 Merlin

23/10/22 Commander Ashstar

30/10/22 Quann Yin

6/11/22 Lady Portia

13/11/22 Melchizedek

20/11/22 Saint Germain

27/11/22 Hope

4/12/22 Hilarion

11/12/22 El Morya

18/12/22 Cernunnos

25/12/22 Jesus

More to follow

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