Light Language and Galactic Angel Tones more 2022 & 2023 Attunments

Published on 27 October 2022 at 03:06

Light Language

Continued on from my previous blog (that can be read and watched here).

Latest Light Language & Angel Tones (Angel Singing)

Latest Starseed Light Language Videos


The Galactic Energies are stepping in hard and fast at present to get some important messages out down here on earth to their Starseeds.

Likewise the Angels and Galactic Angels have been working hard with my Galactic Guide Jacca to raise vibrations around me to bring down some what can only be described as beautiful tones in various song. (I still find it amazing listening back at how they actually achieve getting these wonderful sounds out of my mouth and throat, I've never had the best voicebox for singing!!!) 

Is there such a thing as a Negative Starseed???

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