Trance Mediumship Mentorship & Coaching 3 month Course


At the end of October Physical Trance Medium PsychicGavin will be running a new Trance Mentor and Coaching Course online via Zoom with a new Development Group that he will run on Monday Evenings 7-9pm.

Trance Developmenr is often kept behind closed doors and is typically secretive and expensive, it can be into the £1000s but it doesn’t have to be any of these things and it doesn’t have to take years either.

PsychicGavin was fortunate enough to have been developed direct from spirit, his guides wish him to pass on the methods they used with him and his guides want to be an active part of your trance development with a brand new modern fresh approach to learning, they’ve a secret they wish to share and use to make the process of allowing spirit close easy!!!

Places will be limited so be quick to book onto his 3 month course. The Group will be on an ongoing basis to practice after the 3 months of you wish.

The Course can be paid monthly for just £10 an hour ie £80pm (Supporters 15% discount so just £68pm) (so worth joining Supporters as you save more than the £9.49pm cost) or you can save £40 by paying for 3 months up front at £200 (Supporters still get 15% off so just £170).

To book or reserve your place message Physical Trance Medium PsychicGavin. Please also join his group

*Quick note though Trance Development can not Guarantee everyone will succeed with Trance what can be said is if not you will atleast become an excellent channel with a much stronger amazing connection with spirit.