PsychicGavin Examples of Channeling Higher Energies at a very high level

Published on 10 October 2022 at 03:37

PsychicGavin Loves Channeling 

As explained previously PsychicGavin's Develpoment has all been Spirit lead from the moment he started to develop until the present day, where they are still developing him and increasing his vibration range of communication, evidence of this can be seen in his Channelling,

if Channelling is something that interests you it would be wise to jump on to his website and register for his new Sitting with Spirit weekly group, it runs Tuesday Evenings 6.30-7.30.  Below are examples of his Channelling.

PsychicGavin Channelling Archangel's

To the right is an example of Physical & Trance Medium Psychic Gavin Channelling Archangel Energy so magnificently with Archangel Raphael giving an amazing heart felt communication to us all down here on the Earths Physical Plain.

PsychicGavin Channelling Ascended Masters

Below you can see an example of Physical & Trance Medium PsychicGavin's Channelling. The examples are in both Portrait form and also Verbally Channelled with Archangel Michael's Twin Flame, Ascended Master and Archangel, Faith

This is taken from his weekly series, Sunday Zoom "Spiritial Connections with the Ascended Masters", it is a non-religious Sunday Service with Connections and Attunements given to a different Ascended Master each week. It runs on an approximate Running Schedule or Order of Service of: -

6.45pm Doors Open

7.00pm Uplifting Song & Ascended Master Portrait

7.03pm Door Lock 

7.05pm Introduction to Ascended Master & what they want you to know.

7.15pm Channeling Ascended Master 

7.30pm Guided Meditation to connect you to Ascended Master

7.50pm Closing Thoughts, Prayer/Poem

If you want to Join Gavin for his weekly Sunday Zoom "Spiritual Connection with the Ascended Masters", then you to can experience and have faith in the Ascended Masters as they always insure you reap spiritual, love, abundance and healing when they enter your life, which they do in so many unexpected ways.

The Ascended Masters he will be bringing through up until Christmas are as follows:-

16/10/22 Merlin, 23/10/22 Commander Ashstar, 30/10/22 Quann Yin, 6/11/22 Lady Portia, 13/11/22 Melchizedek, 20/11/22 Saint Germain, 27/11/22 Hope, 4/12/22 Hilarion, 11/12/22 El Morya, 18/12/22 Cernunnos & 25/12/22 Jesus.

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Cindy Riddle Moreland
2 years ago

Please try to connect with my Daddy, Gavin. You were going to chanell for me, 10/9/22 but you suddenly had to attend some sort of problem. Thanks. God Bless🙏

2 years ago

Hi Cindy
Yes I can do do you want to book in for a reading?
Apologies I had to leave the live but that’s sometimes the way with Spirit when something more urgent arrives. Please look at purchase readings page or events page (Family Zoom) it’s a cheaper way to get your father through with a message x