PsychicGavin Explains Types of Mediumship

Published on 14 October 2022 at 11:19

Psychic Readers, (Mental) Mediums, Trance Mediums, Physical Mediums what are they and what's the difference?

To understand Mediumship we need to break it down into 4 categories initially and look af each in turn. Psychic, (Mental) Medium, Trance Medium and Physical Medium and I will first start by pointing out that many think a psychic is also a medium but that couldn't be further from the truth!!. 

It may be worth having a look at Introducing PsychicGavin Physical & Trance Medium where the subject is looked into in more depth.

Psychic Readers

Firstly, being Psychic does not mean that they are a Medium and does not mean they are capable of becoming one either.  

A Psychic is Intuitive, meaning an ability to tune into & pick up information from the Energy of or held around another person, object or place. Therefore, a Psychic can help people with Guidance, Past, Present, FutureLove Life or Career as well as predicting things on the Path Ahead, or providing information from past energy, they can often use Telepathy.

Mental Medium

Unlike Psychics, all Mediums are Psychic and therefore can do all that a Psychic can. However they can additionally raise their Vibration or Energy enough to Connect to the Spirit World With their mind and this is known as Mental Mediumship.

Mental Mediums can also tune in to Spirit and receive extra guidance & communication from Spirit GuidesDeceased Loved Ones via using  the Clair Abilities.

Trance Medium

Trance Mediumship, which is rare, is an allowance, a permission for Spirit to merge or more commonly referred as "Spirit Blending with your Energy", it is a form of Spiritual Possession. The process involves stepping back your mind and essentially leaving your Physical body so to allow Spirit to enter and use your Mind, Body and Energy, so to come forward into the Physical Body in their True Essence or form. It takes a huge Trust for both you as an individual and Spirit themselves.

It can be used for greater Clarity, Wisdom,  Communication and Healing from the Spirit World, the Medium will lose most awareness, yet does not fall asleep, they will hear each word spoken, feel each emotion but as their Consciousness has stepped aside, they can not recall it, its said to be a wonderful and pleasant experience, once adjusted or used to the process of stepping back!

Physical Medium

Physical Mediumship is when the Spirit World manipulate the Substances or Energies of the Medium to create Physical Evidence of their existence, it is done through collecting, what's referred to as EctoplasmSpirit use the Medium as their source of Power so they can can make Noises, Raps, Direct Voice, Moving of Objects, Apports, Materialized Objects and Materialized Spirit Bodies or Body Parts (hands, legs, feet).

A Physical Medium is the most rare form of Mediumship, it takes the right type of Energy, Ability and Practice for Spirit to be able to use a persons energy, its not possible for just anyone to learn, the ability choses you.

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