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Published on 15 September 2022 at 18:50

So who is PsychicGavin? Yes, he's a Physical Trance Medium, but what does that mean?

Ok, so to understand fully, we need to first understand what the more commonly heard term Psychic Medium is, but lets break that down a bit further and look at the terms Psychic & Medium separately, as many think a psychic is also a medium but that couldn't be further from the truth!!


Firstly, being Psychic does not mean that they are a Medium and does not mean they are capable of becoming one either.  

A Psychic is Intuitive, meaning an ability to tune into & pick up information from the Energy of or held around another person, object or place. Therefore, a Psychic can help people with Guidance, Past, Present, FutureLove Life or Career as well as predicting things on the Path Ahead, or providing information from past energy, they can often use Telepathy.


Unlike Psychics, all Mediums are Psychic and therefore can do all that a Psychic can. However they can additionally raise their Vibration or Energy enough to Connect to the Spirit World With their mind and this is known as Mental Mediumship.

Mental Mediums can also tune in to Spirit and receive extra guidance & communication from Spirit GuidesDeceased Loved Ones via using  the Clair Abilities.

So now you understand what a Psychic & a Medium is, please also understand that Gavin is also both a Psychic and a Medium as well as being a Physical Trance Medium. But Physical & Trance Mediumship is something more, something in addition and again  we need to look at both terms separately .

Trance Medium

Trance Mediumship, which is rare, is an allowance, a permission for Spirit to merge or more commonly referred as "Spirit Blending with your Energy", it is a form of Spiritual Possession. The process involves stepping back your mind and essentially leaving your Physical body so to allow Spirit to enter and use your Mind, Body and Energy, so to come forward into the Physical Body in their True Essence or form. It takes a huge Trust for both you as an individual and Spirit themselves.

It can be used for greater Clarity, Wisdom,  Communication and Healing from the Spirit World, the Medium will lose most awareness, yet does not fall asleep, they will hear each word spoken, feel each emotion but as their Consciousness has stepped aside, they can not recall it, its said to be a wonderful and pleasant experience, once adjusted or used to the process of stepping back!

Physical Medium

Physical Mediumship is when the Spirit World manipulate the Substances or Energies of the Medium to create Physical Evidence of their existence, it is done through collecting, what's referred to as EctoplasmSpirit use the Medium as their source of Power so they can can make Noises, Raps, Direct Voice, Moving of Objects, Apports, Materialized Objects and Materialized Spirit Bodies or Body Parts (hands, legs, feet).

A Physical Medium is the most rare form of Mediumship, it takes the right type of Energy, Ability and Practice for Spirit to be able to use a persons energy, its not possible for just anyone to learn, the ability choses you.

So what else is Psychic Gavin, what else does he do?

  • He is a Reiki Master as well as a Shamanic, Spiritual Healer and Psychic Surgeon. To aid Healing he also speaks Light Language and Channels Angel Tones, he also provides Cord Cutting and Soul Retrieval. He teaches others in the art of Healing and certificates others in Reiki including for Animals.
  • He is also a Hypnotist for Spiritual Development, Past Life Regression and PTSD.
  • Also a Spirit Artist and a Development Mentor and Coach, he is qualified in Psychic & Mediumship Development, Meditation Teaching, as well as in Dowsing, Scrying, Channeling, Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Numerology, Moonology, Soul Mates & Twin Flames, Animal Spirit Totems, Dragon & Dragon Energy, Unicorn & Unicorn Energy and Capturing & Analyzing Electronic Voice Phenomenon which moves us onto a less spoken about side of his work!
  • Exorcisms and Clearances and Curse & Spell Breaking for which, he has studied and qualified in Demonology and Hoodoo.

Let's look at some of these areas separately.....

Reiki Master, Psychic Surgeon, Shamanic & Spiritual Healer

  • Reiki Master

Reiki is a Healing System devised by Dr Mikao Usui for 'hands on' and Distance Healing. The Reiki treatment encourages physical mental and emotional balance and healing as well as spiritual growth. In fact, Reiki is not just about healing. There are four different paths. The first being the path of self-healing and healing others. The second is an Esoteric/Psychic path. The third is a Mystic/Spiritual path leading to enlightenment. The fourth is a Teaching path, to show others the way that Reiki can be used, hence Reiki Master which PsychicGavin is.

Reiki is literally two words

  • Rei: Spiritual Consciousness

Rei means Universal, showing that Reiki is in all places at once. It is accepted that there are other meanings to this first word. These include Soul, Spirit and possibly Ethereal (other-worldly) or Supernatural Power.

Many Reiki Masters believe that the correct description is Spiritual Consciousness, (Universe's/God's highest power). This Spiritual Consciousness knows who needs what type of healing energy, and when and why! Reiki Masters channel this energy and attune others to it.

  • b) Ki: Life Force Energy

Ki is the non-physical energy that animates all living things. The Chinese call it Chi, and in India it is called Prana. Most cultures have developed a name for it and in science it is commonly known as Bio energy. The Chinese have studied the Chi energies for in excess of 4000 years and use it in such things as their Martial Arts and Acupuncture.

The life force energy is the energy that is within and around us and its strength or weakness shows our physical and mental health. Reiki can promote and balance the life force energy bringing it to a normal state.

Reiki energy flows through the practitioner to the recipient. The recipient's body will draw the energy to those parts of their body that require it. The practitioner also gains energy while he or she gives the treatment. The process does not drain the practitioner as the Reiki passes through a purified channel that is opened by the attunements.

All this sounds like some fanciful dream but research workers at Stanford University have been able to measure the energy flow in the body and have verified a flow of energy in through the head and out through the hands.

Reiki or Shamanic Healing (40 min)

Reiki, Shamanic Healing or Cord Cutting (1 hour)

  • Psychic Surgeon

Psychic Surgery is a very powerful form of healing that produces some remarkable results. It is a non-invasive healing practice that works on the etheric/psychic body. Although no pain is involved, patients may feel some gentle physical sensations. PsychicGavin will raise his energy and work within an altered state with his team of Spirit Guides.

Psychic Surgeons are gifted healers that have been blessed with the ability to completely melt or remove cysts, tumors, calcium deposits, pus, energy blockages, etc. from the body of the patients.

They can also help with other serious major diseases from the heart, liver, adrenal, thyroid, etc. They are also able to supply you with a massive dose of healing energy that is powerful enough to fight your diseases and boost your immune system. Unlike what has happened in modern medicine, Psychic Surgeons do not specialize in any one disease.

Psychic Surgery works by the Psychic Surgeon connecting to the mind of the patient on the subconscious level, there by conducting the surgery on the Astral Level. They channel their guides during the operation, and it is these powerful spirits that do the work. The spirits simply proceed to tune the body, remove blockages, and then present the unwanted matters or energies at the surface of the body for the Psychic Surgeon to remove. 

When the surgery is finished, the body will close, and no unsightly scar will be visible. Patient will be able to get up seconds after the treatment finishes and resume their day. Unfortunately, there are very few Psychic Surgeons in the world who provide such work.

Psychic Surgery Session

  • Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient holistic healing practice that seeks to treat multiple facets of an individual: physical, mental, and emotional.

Shamanic healing isn’t just for illnesses, either. Some imbalances within the spirit can manifest as bad habits, difficulty with relationships, or even difficulty with money.

Drumming, chanting, soul retrieval, and shamanic journeys all have beneficial effects on participants, with most people experiencing relief immediately afterwards.

PsychicGavin who is a Shaman can identify where an imbalance is, then he can develop a plan for correcting it, and make adjustments on the spirit plane via one method of healing or another, although the final healing has to come from within the patient. A person has to want to heal and be willing to put in the work to maintain this balance, for a shamanic healing to be complete.

  • Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a completely natural process. It establishes a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient that addresses the ‘diseasemanifesting at its deepest level, thus seeking to awaken the body’s natural resources to work in the most effective way to restore balance, harmony and wellbeing. Spiritual Healing is termed Holistic – meaning ‘whole’ – which means that instead of addressing symptoms in isolation Spiritual Healing looks to encompass physical, mental and emotionaldisease’. It views all illnesses as being interlinked and the result of underlying issues of the whole person – the body, mind and soul.

Cord Cutting & Soul Retrieval

  • Cord Cutting 

Sometimes we have extra energy attached to us–mostly from people, but sometimes places or things–and that energy can weigh us down, hold us back, stop us reclaiming our power and generally mess up our magnetism for manifestation.

Every connection we make creates an energetic cord, attaching us to it or them. Those cords can keep us feeling close to something or someone, but they can also become a burden.

Cord-cutting is simply the process of cutting off our energetic connections to other people and things

Cord-cutting is a must after a relationship ends but is also useful for letting go of old friendships, work environment or anything that’s gotten under your skin.

A relationship attachment of any kind forms an energetic connection. It’s not always that people and things try to weigh you down, it’s just something that can happen for a variety of reasons! But those cords can keep you stuck in old thoughts and patterns, which can be a nightmare especially when you don’t want to be. It is always worth asking yourself if you are in need of letting go of any relationships. It's not about forcing people out of your life, well not always, instead, think of Cord-cutting as a way to reclaim your own power, without anyone leaching it, whether accidentally or not.

PsychicGavin is qualified and can help anyone with Cord-cutting when and where needed. 

Cord Cutting

  • Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval in its simplest terms is a form of inner travel to retrieve some of your lost soul pieces. Soul Retrieval is a common Shamanic Practice, as well as in Psychotherapy, the idea is that when we have had trauma of some kind, we lost a piece of our soul to some dark place within ourselves, and it is unintegrated. That soul piece is separated from our whole being. To become whole again we can travel inside ourselves to find the missing soul pieces and bring them back into our whole being, reintegrating them in the process.

Illness and disease are caused by soul separation and/or an individual's loss of power (which is often related to lost or buried soul parts). Sometimes these soul parts return on their own, when the environment or timing is right, and sometimes they must be intentionally called back in. Sometimes we need a practitioner to help retrieve these parts. These soul parts are always aspects of ourselves that are forgotten, unseen and unintegrated, and usually aspects of our fun self or child self often called our inner child.

Soul Retrieval can be performed by PsychicGavin as traditionally Shamans have done this on behalf of people for centuries. He sits or lays down next to the person and can do the whole journey for them or take others on a journey to do their own retrieval, guiding them how to do it themselves.

Many times, there is an emotional or physical release that accompanies the replacement of that soul part, and this is when repressed memories return but overall, it is a pleasant emotional experience.

Meditation Teaching

PsychicGavjn has a very broad knowledge of the types of meditation that exist. From the well-known, such as Zen and Mindfulness, to the niche and obscure, he has an in-depth knowledge of all meditation types which enables him to guide anyone, no matter whether the purpose is physical, mental or practical, into a meditation, as well as teach and pass on his knowledge to others.

He understands correct posture, breathing techniques, and dealing with symptoms such as tiredness and agitation. He can help overcome resistance, and implement meditation in to daily lives and he provides ongoing care, He can teach advanced meditation concepts and techniques, including brain-heart coherence, enlightenment, Yoga Nidra, the 10,000 Agendas, and many more. 

Spirit Artist

PsychicGavin whilst on his Development towards Trance Mediumship found Spirit started to step close requesting a pencil and so he held a pencil and allowed them close to channel their drawings and occasionally Spirits own handwriting. To his Suprise, as someone without an artistic bone in his body, found on the paper before him, that they had Drawn themselves and were recognized. Seventeen files in and however many thousand spirit portraits later it still astonishes him each time Spirit draw themselves in a Portrait!

Spirit Guide Portrait

Spirit Guide Portrait and Guidance

Development Mentor & Coach

Development doesn't need to cost a fortune or take years to achieve, it's all about the effort you put in!

Whether you are in the early stages of your development journey or are already working towards or are a practicing medium, PsychicGavin can help you achieve your highest potential and reveal rich Spiritual & Psychic Connections in all areas of Spirituality.

You can benefit greatly from the value of PsychicGavin's experience and knowledge that has come direct from the spirit world. Spirit have given a truly modern and unique development basis that has been tried and tested and is delivered in a very caring and compassionate way. PsychicGavin dedicates himself to be there to assist you every step of your development journey, with individual guidance, after all we are all different! His Spirit Team like to pay close attention and aid you in unfolding your spiritual gifts. He is passionate about developing and believes development never ends so his mission is his and your continued development, advancement and success.

Once successfully Developed to a basic and competent level with both your Psychic and Mediumship Ability and have become of true service to others, then he can also aid your development path into more advanced and focused areas of expertise as he covers all aspects of professional mediumship and spirituality.

Choose between PsychicGavin's 121 Development, Intense Development Courses, Weekly Development Classes, Practice Circles and Practice Reading Groups or just his Development Reading. Whatever path you take benefit from his ability to listen in to your Spirit Communication or his Spirit Guides providing personal unique tips and guidance in Trance and of course his genuine willingness to help those on their own development journey with him!!

Development VideoCall Reading

Spirit Guide Portrait and Guidance

Online Weekly Development & Practice Circles (paid monthly)

Qualify in Reiki Level 1

Qualify in Reiki Level 2

Qualify as a Reiki Master

Qualify in Animal Reiki


So what is Dowsing?

Dowsing is a type of Divination, employed in attempts to find things (historically buried gemstones, metals, oils or water to name a few) or when we talk Spiritual Dowsing we mean to get answers or find missing items, people or pets etc.

Spiritual Dowsing can be useful when Developing in order to get confirmation in what you receive from the Divine or Spirit to help increase Confidence and Trust, but in addition is amazingly useful in helping to find missing items and people. 

Gavin is a Dowser and teaches it to others, dowsing can use pendulums, rods or even just yourself by feeling energy changes in your body.


PsychicGavin is a Scryer and can teach Scrying to others, he teaches how scrying works, the different tools used in its practice, and how to scry.

He introduces students to the subject by explaining what scrying is and describes theories relating to how it works, including information about scientific studies.

He can broaden others understanding of the subject with an account of scrying’s history, including how scrying has existed from ancient times and has been practiced all over the world ever since.

He can guide in the use of all scrying tools like the crystal ball, mirror candles, fire, smoke, oil, clouds and water to name a few.

He can help anyone develop their scrying abilities to achieve optimum results by increasing focus, concentration and visualization skills with a selection of practical methods and tips.

He can help explain and give understanding to what you see in your visions and how to interpret symbols and colors and more!

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is viewing a distant person, object or event that you normally wouldn’t be able to see, it is to view something using your mind, no matter the distance and the obstacles. Remote viewing is to view things that can’t physically be seen from your location.

The person doing the remote viewing is given some information or coordinates about the target or is aware of what area they want to go and view.

PsychicGavin can teach

  • ARV – Associative Remote Viewing
  • CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing
  • ERV – Extended Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means. It’s associated with the idea of clairvoyance, seemingly being able to spontaneously know something without actually knowing how you got the information. Anyone can learn to do this with practice.

Light Language & Angel Tones

Light Language or "Speaking in Tongues" as it can be known, is the ability to channel Spirit to speak in a form of communication that has no meaning to our physical body yet resonates with our subconscious. As opposed to a language that is made up of symbols and sounds that we have mutually agreed upon or use as a language in our societies or culturres, Light Language has no fixed alphabet. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul, it resonates with us, it is said to be the universal language of spirit that is understood by our Soul!

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is used to explore your previous lives and incarnations stored away in your subconscious mind. PsychicGavin being a qualified Mediation Teacher and Hypnotist can help clients Regress via both the Guided Meditation or Hypnosis approach.

Past Life Regression takes an individual back through time to their previous lives or incarnations by accessing memories and experiences that are normally hidden in their subconscious mind

Past Life Regression can help you to:

  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Help you understand why you feel a deep connection with certain places or people.
  • Identify physical or mental issues you have, which may be remnants of past life experiences.
  • Explore unresolved emotions which have carried through into this lifetime, creating fears or beliefs which you have been unable to explain.
  • Acknowledge and embrace the key lessons learned through those lives.

Past Life Regression

Astral Projection

Astral Projection is an “‘Out-Of-Body Experience” which is when the astral body disconnects from the physical body and travels to other places or realms. PsychicGavin can teach the techniques to astral project your spiritual body so that you can travel through the astral planes. This can help increase spiritual and psychic development as well as aiding in deeper sleep and meditation.

Astral projection has been practiced for centuries. It is said to be part of our global memory and consciousness. PsychicGavin can teach twenty-first-century theories on astral projection and show how it can be used in a variety of ways. There are many planes of consciousness, and anyone can learn their meaning.

PsychicGavin’s Meditation Teaching goes hand in hand with astral projection, as for an out-of-body experience it is necessary to be in a relaxed state of mind and body, he is therefore in a prime position to give maximum benefit for you to perfect your astral technique, making it easier to leave your body at will and explore different dimensions and time continuums as well as how to protect your journeys.


Channeling is the communication of information to or through a person from an energy on some other level or dimension of reality other than the physical world we dwell in, often thought of as Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Animals, Higher Self but essentially any Non-Physical Entity. Channeling has been around since the beginning of recorded history and is when a person has the ability to sense communication and then translate it into words either written or spoken for others. There are many other forms of Channeling for instances, Channeling Art, Stories and even Healing from other Dimensions. PsychicGavin as well as practicing Channeling is qualified to teach this art of Spirit Communication.

We live in a multidimensional universe and the universe contains an infinite variety of consciousness that can be channeled. As a Channeler we can choose who or what we want to connect with and Channel, as long as the other Energy agrees in communicating, the link is made, and the Channeling can start, and the flow of information begins. The Channeler receives the raw information at a high sensory level and then can convert it into human language. 

Exorcism & Clearences

Exorcism and Clearances are a spiritual practice of removing Negative Energies and Energies from other dimensions other than our physical realm back to where they originated, these are often known as Demons, Jinn's but can be any other spiritual entities. They can be removed and returned from around a person, in their Aura or from within their Physical Body, or they can be cleared and returned from an area or place, anywhere that is possessed

Depending on how the spiritual energy has come to be there PsychicGavin, may use a variety of methods to return them and clear the energy, it could be by performing a Ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart maybe with the use of a higher power

Ultimately the Evil Spirit or Evil Energy will be forced to abandon the object, place, or person by being called close and then returning to where it originated.

If you have any concerns, please contact PsychicGavin, he understands more than anyone so will not think you are crazy as he finds it is often impossible for people to come to terms with the realities of what really happens at the extreme parameters of the spirit world and his work in this area.

Curse & Spell Breaking

Curses and Spells are real whether from white magic, black magic, voodoo or conjured, etc.
Gavin has the ability to return all evil to the sender with Love, wherever that may be. Don't live with evil no one has to; he removes bad luck and restraints and lets everyone regain control of their life.

No matter how deeply rooted the evil, no matter what method it has been sent to someone he will stop the damage it causes and stop it ruining yours and your families' lives. A simple reading can enlighten you if you have concerns!

Please also see PsychicGavin Explains Types of Mediumships.

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